During a difficult time of unexpected confinement, we’ve all had to eliminate one of the most important senses of feeling alive, physical touch. This global pandemic has altered our future adventures, secret rendezvous, and self-care. 


It breaks my heart to isolate myself from the ones I appreciate. I reminisce on our past engagements and have only dreamt of reliving them. 


For now, we’ll reward our desires in a creative way with a long-distance relationship. Let’s continue our friendship and grow our collections of memories because one day, we’ll look back at this very moment with enchanting memories during problematic times.




   Two photos

      Text (once a week)

   20 minutes phone call 






      Four photos 

     Text (twice a week)

     40 minutes phone call 




    Personal Affair...


     Six photos

     Text (Three times a week)

     60 minutes phone call 




Personal candid photos.


Texting throughout the day (9-hour duration).



  Phone Call


30 minutes        $250

60 minutes        $500



Video Call


Video call is for established clients only.


30 minutes        $450

60 minutes        $600



For special requests, please email me. 


Considerations are made 24 hours prior to the appointment date.



Virtual Affair Options
Payment Options